Recitals are held in the Spring and Fall and are required. See the best performance from each of our students on this page! (All parents have given permission for their childrens' videos to appear online.)

Alice, 8-piano "Northwest Rains" - Southern Fujian Children's Folk Rhyme
Amelia, 11-piano "Blues for a Count" - Bruce Berr
Brandon, 17-viola Suite No. 1 in G Major for Unaccompanied Viola -
I. Prelude - Johann Sebastian Bach
Ellie, 11-cello "Minuet No. 3" - Johann Sebastian Bach
Gus, 14-piano "Sweden" from Minecraft - Daniel Rosenfeld
Kuba, 14-piano "Showdown at Jackson Square" - Judith R. Strickland
Nathan, 16-viola "Tarantella" - Salvador Leonardi
Oliver, 10-piano "Topsy Turvy" - Ronald Bennett
Ozzie, 11-piano Op. 89, No. 8 "The Little Porcupine" - Dmitri Kabalevsky
Pallas, 16-cello "Czardas" - Vittorio Monti
Ramya, 14-violin Concerto No 1 in A Minor, Op. 15 -
Jean-Baptiste Accolay
Theo, 14-piano "Searchlight Rag" - Scott Joplin
Uma, 11-piano "The Birds and the Frogs Duet" - Uma Chakraborty
Siddhi-12, violin; Ellie-11, cello; Uma-11, piano - "Little Suite" by Christine Brown
Siddhi, 12-violin Concertino in D Major - Ferdinand Kuchler
Thom, cello Six Studies in English Folksong, 2nd mvmt -
Ralph Vaughan Williams
Ozzie-11 & Kuba-14, piano "Spring" from The Four Seasons -
Antonio Vivaldi
Gus & Theo-14, piano - "Fantasy" - Timothy Brown
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