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Recitals are held in the Spring and Fall and are required. See the best performance from each of our students on this page! (All parents have given permission for their childrens' videos to appear online.)

Alice, 8-piano "The Swing" Op. 777, No. 5 - Carl Czerny
Amelia, 11-piano "The Frisky Filly" - Martha Mier
Claire, 5-violin "Kites" - Edward Huws-Jones
Ellie, 11-cello "Scherzo" - C. Webster
Gus, 14-piano "Fine" - Dustin O'Halloran
Heather, 10 and Farrah-cellos "Allegro" - Shinichi Suzuki
Kuba-15, piano "Czech Rocking Song" - Arr. Jeanne Allie
Melinda, piano "Told You So" Op 117 No 7 - Cornelius Gurlitt
Nora, 5-piano "Will You Play?" - Faber & Faber
Olivia, 8-piano "My Invention" - Faber & Faber
Ollie, 11-piano "Laser Show" - Ronald Bennett
Ozzie, 11-piano "Rainbow Colors" - Edna Mae Burnham
Pallas, 16-cello Duet, Op. 76, No. 6 - David Popper
Siya-10, violin plays "French Folk Song"
Uma, 12-piano Sonatina, Op. 36 No 4 in F Major II. Andante con espressione - Muzio Clementi
Gus-14 & Theo-15, piano - Waltz in B Major, Op 39 No 1 - Johannes Brahms
Siddhi, 13-violin "The Boy Paganini" - Edward Mollenauer
Theo, 15-piano "Five Ecossaises" - Franz Schubert
Jacque-violin, Angela-viola, Thom-cello 
Mvmt II of Jules Eichberg's "Five Sketches for String Trio" Op. 23
Peter Chang-violin, Miriam Hartman-viola, Liz Elliot-cello
Serenade, Op. 10 - V. Rondo
Ernst von Dohnanyi
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