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Recitals are held in the Spring and Fall and are required. See the best performance from each of our students on this page! (All parents have given permission for their childrens' videos to appear online.)

Alice, 9-piano "The Hungry Ghost"  - Anne Catherine Demarest
Austin, 11-piano "L'arabesque" - Friedrich Burgmuller
Claire, 6-violin "Do You Want a Hot Dog?" - Evelyn Avsharian
Fiona-8, piano "Drifting Clouds" - Jon George
Hudson, 9-cello "Mary Had a Little Lamb" - traditional
Ollie, 12-piano "Ol' Rockin' Chair Blues" - Martha Mier
Ozzie, 12-piano "The Bear" - Vladimir Rebikoff
Siya-11, violin "Donkey Doodle" - William Kroll
Theo, 16-piano Sinfonia in A Major, BWV 798 - Johann Sebastian Bach
Atticus, 10-violin "The Puppet Show" - Josephine Trott
Bryant, 9-piano "Broken Record Boogie" - Jon George
Ellie, 12-cello "In the Hall of the Mountain King" - Edvard Grieg
Heather-11, cello "Minuet No. 3" - Johann Sebastian Bach
Kuba, 16-piano "Toccatina" - Susan Ogilvy
Olivia, 9-piano "Melody" - Louis Kohler
Pallas, 17-cello Sonata Op 5, No. 1 I. Adagio Sostenuto: Allegro - Ludwig van Beethoven. With pianist Sonia Lee
Sydney, 8-piano "Sand Swirls" - Bruce Berr
ZJ, 10-piano "My Invention" - Nancy & Randall Faber
Gus-14 & Theo-15, piano - Waltz in B Major, Op 39 No 1 - Johannes Brahms
Peter Chang-violin, Miriam Hartman-viola, Liz Elliot-cello
Serenade, Op. 10 - V. Rondo
Ernst von Dohnanyi
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