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Obtaining an instrument for musical studies

The most important bit of advice I can offer is to never, ever obtain an instrument from the internet. You may think you are getting a good deal, but you are not. I have never seen anybody make a successful instrument purchase on the internet.

- These instruments are not set up properly, or not at all. You will spend more than you paid for the instrument in order to make it functional.

- Many local repair shops are overburdened with work and will not work on an instrument that did not come from their store.

- A poorly constructed instrument will be discouraging for any music student.

I will usually accompany students to a piano or string store to assist in obtaining all of their instrument for study.



I always recommend an acoustic upright or grand piano for study. Even the best digital pianos can never match the sound quality and playability of a real piano and I believe they are actually bad for your hands. 


Steinway Piano Gallery

Believe it or not, you can rent a brand new Steinway-designed Essex piano for $39/month. They have an excellent rent-to-own policy, as well as a wide range of Steinway and Steinway-designed pianos for sale.


Keyboard Concepts

Lots of variety and great quality pianos and keyboards, as well as piano sheet music. Visit their new store on Rosemead and Colorado!


Hollywood Pianos

More variety than the Steinway Gallery, and a range of different pianos and prices with rental and rent-to-own programs. A wide variety of piano brands for sale.

Violin, Viola, Cello

In good conscience, there is only one store in the LA area I recommend. If you go anywhere else, you will get ripped off at least a little bit, whether in the quality of the instrument, overpricing, or in poor quality customer service.


Robert Cauer Violins

Violin and viola rentals as low as $25/month, and for purchase starting around $600 per outfit.

Cello rentals as low as $60/month and for purchase starting around $1500.



Basses are from a different family of instruments, thus cannot usually be found at violin shops.


Los Angeles Bass Works

Rentals and sales of basses.


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