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Hypo-allergenic gifts for Liz!

There are many families who generously give me gifts for Christmas and occasionally for my birthday. While it is certainly not necessary, my favorite gifts are notes and pictures from my students! However, if you'd like to get me something more, here are some things you definitely should not get me for various reasons:

I am allergic to:

flowers, anything perfume- or flower- scented (this includes candles, lotions and perfumes), aloe, lavender, rose, shea, pine (yes, that means Christmas trees too - please do not put them next to your piano!), cats, rosin (I use hypo-allergenic rosin called "clarity"). Fruity-scented things are ok and I particularly like vanilla and cherry scents!


I don't shop at department stores like Macy's - I'm more of a Target girl, I don't drink coffee, i.e. Starbucks (but I do drink tea), and I don't eat carbs or sugar if I can help it.

(Also: Felix is a very picky eater and has never taken to a single treat I've given him except fresh cooked meat.)

I hope these tips are helpful! Sorry to be so picky!

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