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How to Quit Lessons

My policies state that you are committed to the end of each month when terminating lessons, which means, if you quit mid-month, there is no refund.

Here is an excellent blog post by my colleague, Libby Wiebel, which echoes my sentiments about terminating lessons quite accurately!

I'm not usually surprised when a student decides to quit, and I'm not upset when it I believe parents are acting in their child's best interest. But sometimes I am a little upset about how students quit, and this post reflects why that is upsetting. If you are disguising your termination by using the phrase "We're going to take a break", please know that I understand that means you're not really taking a break and that it's the students who practice the least who normally use this tactic (which leads me to wonder exactly what it is you're taking a break from???)

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