Student of the Month - May 2021

Ellie, 10 - cello

Ellie 5.jpg

Ellie has played the cello for 2-1/2 years and is just finishing 4th grade at San Rafael Elementary. She has learned from the pandemic that it’s possible to have a cello lesson over zoom! She likes math best at school, and her hobbies are art, going outside & playing on the swing, playing cello, diving, swimming, and snuggling her cat. She is a competitive diver! She is best at sleeping and thinks the world would be better if we could end homelessness. She most admires Kamala Harris, the best things in the world are her mom and her family, and she wants to be a cellist and a lawyer when she grows up. About music, she likes being able to make something that you can hear and see, and her favorite piece so far is Ode to Joy. On our May 22 recital, she will play Elliott Cheney's "Livi's Blues" and a duet by Sebastian Lee. This is Ellie's second time earning Student of the Month.

Ellie 1.jpg

Enjoy Ellie's performances of "French Folk Song" from our Spring 2019 recital, and of "Kites" on her first recital at age 7 below!

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