Student of the Month - July 2021

Siddhi, 12 - violin

Siddhi just started taking lessons with Liz in January, and has been playing the violin for 3 years. She also studies Carnatic violin, and enjoys sketching, basketball, knitting & crocheting, playing with her dog, writing and reading, and playing the violin. She’s finishing 6th grade at First Avenue, where she likes science and English best, and she’s very good at making friends easily. After she exercises, she loves taking a long cold or hot bath, and she calms herself with the distraction of things she likes or playing with her dog. She most admires her dog, she’d love to converse with Michelle Obama, and she believes the world would be a better place with less partisanship. Her bff can take a joke, and someday, Siddhi wants to have a job she enjoys where she can help others and bring them joy. She played “Santa Baby” at school, which she’s liked best so far. She likes how music makes her feel and can unwind, and she wants to be able to play any piece and get into her high school orchestra.

Enjoy Siddhi's performance of J.S. Bach's "Minuet No. 3" from our Spring 2021 zoom recital below!

Siddhi 1.png
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