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Student of the Month - June 2024

Bryant 3.jpg

Bryant - 9, piano

Bryant is best at baseball and believes the best thing in the world is his bed. He also likes reading, video games, Legos, basketball, and playing piano, which he’s done for about 3 years. He’s finishing 3rd grade at Marengo, and he’d like the world to have less pollution. His prized possession is his pillow, he enjoys movie night with his family, and his dad’s jokes make him laugh. Bryant wants to be a dad and a lottery winner when he grows up. At school, he likes math, and playing basketball at school really makes his day better. He wants to have a conversation with George and Harold from Captain Underpants, and he likes “Minions”, “Grizzly and the Lemmings”, and “Amulet”.

Bryant’s favorite piece so far is “March of the Gnomes”, and his goal is to play a duet with Hudson next year. He likes the combination of notes in music.

Bryant played Jon George's "Broken Record Boogie" at our Fall 2023 recital!

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