Student of the Month - January 2020

Gus-12, piano

Gus is in 6th grade at Marshall Fundamental, where he really likes Math. He likes baseball, video games, reading, sleeping, eating, going to school, playing piano, playing piano duets with Theo, and hanging out with his friends. He feels he is best at having fun with his friends. The best thing in the world is his parents, whom he admires the most, and he is all in favor of ending world hunger. When he grows up, he wants to be a visual effects artist. He has played piano for 6-1/2 years, his favorite piece so far is Megalovania, by Toby Fox, who is his favorite composer. He likes that he can play virtually any piece you really want to play if you work hard, and his goal is to finish Megalovania and learn Battle Tower-Battle Theme. He is a member of Tuesday Musicale of Pasadena Juniors and plays in a piano duo with fellow student and neighbor, Theo. Make sure to check out their fantastic duet videos on our youtube page!

Watch Gus play Robert Vandall's "Bagatelle No. 18" at the 2019 Spring Recital!

Gus has been a student of Liz since he was 6 (at the left), and below, you can see him at age 7 in an early performance of "Star Wars"!

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