Student of the Month - October 2021

Uma, 11 - Piano

Uma 2.jpg

Uma is a 5th grader at Monterey Hills who loves playing video games, baking, composing, playing the piano, running around and playing. She likes math best at school and has played piano for 5 years. She’s best at making banana bread and wants to be a paleontologist and a mother when she grows up. The best thing in the world is family (but not her sister), although she admires her sister more than anyone else. She’d love to have a conversation with Walt Disney. She believes we should rid the world of global warming via eliminating fossil fuels so we have less pollution. Uma calms herself by playing the piano, and her bff is different from her, but she’s like the same as her. Uma’s favorite piece so far is “The Gathering Storm”, and she really loves Disney music. The best thing about piano is learning new pieces, and she wants to be able to sight read well. Uma recently began rehearsing in a piano trio through with two of Liz's other students. This is Uma's second time earning Student of the Month.  

Enjoy Uma's performance of Valerie Roth Roubos "The Gathering Storm" from our Spring 2021 zoom recital below!

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