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Student of the Month -  February 2024

Kate 13.jpg

Here's Kate when she first started piano at age 8!

Kate - 14, piano

Kate has played piano for 6 years and is working diligently at MTAC's Certificate of Merit Level 7. She is a freshman at LCHS where she sings in the choir, and also likes math class. She enjoys playing volleyball and soccer, reading, crocheting, and sleeping. She is best at eating. The best thing in the world is her dog, Bean. Bean always makes her day better (except for when he eats her stuff), and when he plays with a cricket, it makes her laugh. She’d like to grow up happy, and thinks the world would be a better place if people were less stressed about school and grades. Kate likes all Chinese food, would like to converse with Totoro, and watch sports with her family. Her Dad is her hero, and her prized possession is a teddy bear named Kwinsee. Kate loves that everyone can find music that they like. Her favorite piece so far is Lullaby and she wants to be able to sight read and sight sing well. Her favorite band is Seventeen.

She is currently playing Beethoven's Bagatelle in Eb Major, Grieg's Heimweh, Bach's Invention No 14 in Bb, and the second movement of Kabalevsky's Sonatina in C. This is Kate's 6th time earning Student of the Month.

Kate played Grieg's "Heimweh (Longing for Home" at our recital last fall.

Kate played The Farmer in the Dell at her first recital at age 8!

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