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Student of the Month -  May 2023

Thom 11.jpg

Thom - adult, cello

Thom started playing cello 10 years ago because he was inspired by young people’s pursuit of and embodiment of music. He has played some guitar all his life, and his goal on cello is to play without fear or tension. Song of the Birds by Pablo Casals is his favorite piece so far. He loves that music brings him in harmony with the world and he admires just about anybody who can compose music. Lately, he's been focusing on learning chamber music with his fellow musicians, Angela and Jacque.

Thom works as a film editor and likes cycling, politics and music. He’s best at getting along with people and believes the world would be a better place with compassion. He most admires his mom, coffee is the best thing in the world, and he’d tell his younger self, “Go for it!” Thom identifies with a family that comes from both the new and the old world. Thom’s earned Student of the Month 6 times!

Here's Thom playing the 2nd movement of Vaughan Williams' "Six Studies in English Folksong" at the Sprin 2022 recital.

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