Student of the Month - July 2020

Pallas-14, cello

Pallas is in 9th grade at CS Arts in Duarte, where he really likes Math and earned a place in the music department for next fall! He’s been playing cello for 4 years and also plays the piano. He’s best at eating and math, and he likes sleeping, playing cello, relaxing, running, traveling, and playing in the Felix Piano Trio. He’s a member of Tuesday Musicale Juniors and has played in VYMA’s Youth Orchestra and the PSYCO Orchestra. He thinks the world would be a better place if there was food for everyone, and he most admires his friends. Sleep is the best thing in the world, and he wants to grow up to be an engineer who plays the cello. His favorite pieces so far are Danse Rustique and Humoresque. He's currently working on Saint-Saens' "Allegro Appasionato" and Casals' "Song of the Birds". He loves the challenge of playing cello and being able to make good music. His favorite music is from the romantic period and his goal is to someday play the Shostakovich Cello Concerto! This is Pallas's 2nd time earning Student of the Month and he has won our practice challenge several times!

Watch Pallas play William Henry Squire's "Danse Rustique" at the 2019 Fall Recital!

Pallas has grown a lot in just a year! Watch him play Bach's Minuet No 2 at the 2018 Fall Recital!

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