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Student of the Month -  September 2023

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Siya, 11 - violin

A 7th grader at Renaissance Arts Academy, Siya plays in the orchestra and also sings in the Colburn Youth Chorus. She has studied violin for 1 year with Liz, and piano for 5 months and sings. This fall, she will start playing in her first string quartet through CYMG and participate in MTAC's Certificate of Merit program. She loves reading, singing, playing piano and violin, painting rocks, playing tennis, and soccer. She thinks the world would be a better place with whirled peas and the elimination of climate change.  The best things in the world to her are music and family, and she admires her mom and Hillary Hahn the most. Her day is always better with something sweet and the realization that she’s probably not going to die very soon. She’d like to travel to the future and discover that she’s an author, violinist, pianist, and singer. Cats throwing up to EDM videos and her sister both make her laugh. Her favorite violin pieces so far are “Hunter’s Chorus” on violin and “A Little Porcupine” on piano. She likes the music of Vivaldi, Beethoven, and Bach, and her goal is to be able to play “Winter” from the Four Seasons, and the Presto from Bach’s Violin Sonata, BWV 1001. She likes the way music sounds and performing it, and she wants everyone to know she has perfect pitch. This is Siya's first time earning Student of the Month!

Siya played Gossec's "Gavotte" at our Spring 2023 recital in May.

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