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Student of the Month -  January 2023

Matthew 10.jpg

Matthew-15, piano

Matthew is a sophomore at La Canada High School and has played the piano for five years. He likes English best at school and is best in the world at not being able to sleep a lot (sleep is the best thing in the world to him). His hobbies are piano, basketball, tennis, playing ping-pong with his dad, reading, comics and books, hanging out with friends and family and board games. He thinks the world would be a better place if people weren’t afraid to sing in front of others. He most admires Bean (his dog), but he would most like to have a conversation with his friend’s dog. Matthew’s accomplishments are still in the making, but when he grows up, he'd like to be not too stressed. His sister, Kate Ma, is his favorite musician, and his favorite piece so far is George Winston’s “Variations on the Kanon”. He loves getting to be in the zone when he plays piano, and his goal is to get there all the time, and to be able to play any piece he wants to play. Matthew has earned Student of the Month 5 times.

Matthew played Heller's Prelude in Ab Major, Op. 119, No. 29 at our Fall 2022 recital.

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