Student of the Month -  June 2022

Oliver 3.jpg

Oliver-10, piano

Oliver’s goal this spring was to write and perform his own piece on our recital. Astronaut Adventure is the result of his hard work! He likes music because it sounds good, and he wants to eventually be able to play any piece he likes. So far, his favorite has been A Neat Beat by Martha Mier. Oliver is entering 5th grade at Marengo Elementary School, where he likes social studies the most. The best thing in the world is baseball, and it’s also the thing he’s best at. He also likes video games, piano, reading, board games, and he plays the recorder at school. He most admires Trea Turner, and he’d love to have a conversation with Jackie Robinson. When he grows up, he’d like to be a baseball player or video game designer. He believes stopping climate change would make the world a better place. This is Oliver's first time earning Student of the Month!

Ollie played Ronald Bennett's "Topsy Turvy" at our Spring recital on May 22.

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